got some new goodies today and all set for LA > Yosemite > Kauai 📷🌴☀️✌️ #35mm #120mm #pentax #k1000 #honeywell #holga #vivitar


New prime lens for my K1000! It’s a 135mm I got for a song on eBay. I’ve never really used a telephoto lens before so getting to grips with this thing will probably be my project this weekend 😊

#k1000 #pentax #buyfilmnotmegapixels


Buying cameras from thrift stores is always such a gamble. It’s great because they are so cheap but the question is, do they work? You never know! 😩 a few months ago I bought my lovely pentax k1000. I’ve been using it, but haven’t developed any film because I’ve been scared of finding out if I just wasted money on the camera and film. Today, I developed my first roll…..HOLY BANANAS IT ACTUALLY WORKS. Best thrift shop pick up EVER. Now I know this is coming with me to japan. 100%. It’s like Christmas morning over here. 🎄